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Smart Spectrum Management System


Our automated and integrated spectrum management system SPECTRA covers the full administrative and technical procedures of spectrum management. The automated workflow-based end-to-end system drastically reduces the delays of processing the customers’ requests and shortens the overall licence attribution, modification and renewal periods. Payments for licences can be received much faster, which increases licence revenue for the government.

Make Your Spectrum Management System Even Smarter!

Complement your system with:


The most powerful spectrum engineering solution that assures optimal spectrum usage with the aid of fully automated coverage predictions, interference assessments and channel assignments.

Management of frequency plans with SPECTRAplan

SPECTRAplan is an advanced spectrum planning software for management of frequency plans. Define the rules for distribution and assignment of frequencies to dedicated stations. Frequency allocation tables from the ITU for the relevant regions are included in the tool.

Digital Mapping Data

Benefit from accurate digital mapping data that is tailored for your requirements.

Special Events Module

LS telcom's Special Events Module is a reliable and efficient solution for planning and managing special events. It can be customized to meet specific requirements and seamlessly integrates with existing mySPECTRA systems.

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