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User-Friendly and Efficient Planning of Reliable Radio Networks with


In the modern wireless industry, radio networks are a crucial strategic asset for operational performance and profitability. CHIRplus_TC offers robust radio-frequency engineering capabilities and an intuitive graphical interface for designing and planning high-performance networks effectively and efficiently.

CHIRplus_TC is versatile and can be utilized for various applications such as the planning of

Microwave Links

Wireless IoT Devices

5G & 4G Networks (NR/LTE)

PMR Systems (TETRA, P.25, DMR)

Smart Grids


Use Cases and Applications

Many Challenges – One Solution


In today's world, spectrum is a valuable and limited resource that must be used efficiently. Mobile operators invest heavily in spectrum licenses to provide services to their customers. Radio networks rely on a stable and powerful backhaul network, often realized using microwave links. Meeting the demands of modern networks requires a scalable, robust, and cost-efficient infrastructure.

To support the design and implementation of these networks, LS telcom offers CHIRplus_TC, the ultimate fixed link planning tool.

The tool is user-friendly and efficient, providing intuitive editors and well-organized planning windows. With a comprehensive technical library, manual data entry is eliminated, saving time and reducing errors. The planning window and editor are interconnected, allowing for instant recalculation of the link budget when changes are made. Engineers can see how these changes impact link performance, making the planning process more precise and efficient.

The tool also includes an updated library of wave propagation models, considering factors such as pathloss, link availability, adaptive modulation, frequency/space diversity, and more. Once the performance of a microwave link is secured, CHIRplus_TC helps analyze the impacts on an existing network to ensure interference-free operation. Various interference calculation methods can be applied, and the tool integrates national or international frequency plans for channel assessment and allocation.

Mobile Service

The increase in traffic volumes and service diversity associated with mobile technologies has led to larger and more complex networks. To ensure high-quality service for users, mobile service providers require reliable network design tools.

CHIRplus_TC offers planning and optimization functionalities for various radio services, including TETRA, P.25, DMR, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, and more.

CHIRplus_TC's area calculations determine the coverage of base stations or single-sector antennas. The network processor analyzes the performance of the entire network by combining calculation results. Population analysis helps identify coverage gaps, especially for safety-critical networks like TETRA. Measurement data can be imported to validate calculation accuracy and fine-tune simulations.

The tool offers powerful analysis methods to identify and eliminate interference, based on configurable wave propagation models and thresholds. It produces reliable results that can be documented in detailed reports. CHIRplus_TC also identifies potential conflicts and ensures interference-free channel allocation. The tool's channel assignment procedure analyzes all channels of the frequency plans, making it easy to select a suitable channel.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0

The impact of the IoT and Industry 4.0 on our personal and professional lives is expected to be significant, with a projected surge in the number of connected devices. These devices range from weather sensors, parking sensors, and automatic plant watering systems to connected streetlamps, mousetraps, garbage bins, soap dispensers, and more. As most of these devices operate wirelessly, there is an increased demand for spectrum and connectivity. The proliferation of connected sensors and devices is not the only thing on the rise. There is also a growing array of communication protocols and standards, including LoRa, Sigfox, NB-IOT, and others.

The IoT planning tool CHIRplus_TC simplifies the management of complex IoT networks.

To help cope with this complexity, CHIRplus_TC offers dedicated coverage analysis to ensure that IoT devices have adequate connection and bandwidth for their respective applications. The software features a flexible data editor that can accommodate virtually all IoT devices and antennas, as well as the relevant frequency plans for IoT communications. CHIRplus_TC also analyzes specific parameters, such as LoRa spreading factors, and presents them in a graphical format for easy interpretation of network and connection performance. For the verification and validation of coverage predictions, measurement data can be imported and compared with the simulations.

Smart Grid

To cope with the latest challenges in smart metering or SCADA network design, CHIRplus_TC provides an innovative feature set. Whether you're planning network connections for smart meters, transformer stations, water throughput control, or remote inquiry and control units, our solution provides a reliable and secure way to plan and simulate radio networks.

By utilizing CHIRplus_TC, you can plan and simulate radio networks securely and reliably. During the planning and design phase, our solution takes into account all pertinent technical aspects as well as the network structure, including the hierarchy of master, slave, and repeater.

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