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Smart Solutions In 5G

Private Campus Networks

The term "campus network" refers to a local geographical network which is adapted to special requirements such as industrial communications. A campus network is open to different technologies and can for example be realized using Wi-Fi or mobile radio.

Thanks to 5G technology and the use of dedicated frequencies the highest quality of service requirements can be achieved. Business-critical applications with remote access which control the production systems, e. g. in industrial automation and smart grid, as well as the control of autonomous vehicles require significantly higher reliability of communication services, much lower latency times and permanent availability. This makes 5G campus networks suitable for applications in various industrial sectors.

What do campus networks offer

An overview

High security - not accessible from outside

Exclusivity and full capacity

High Reliability - low latency

Data security

Fast data exchange

Individually adaptable parameters - user, latency, bandwidth

Low investment costs

Low license costs

Scalable and future proof

Many countries around the world are offering 5G licenses for private networks and many more are planning to introduce licensing models in the future. Currently the following countries have assigned spectrum for private usage of 5G: Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, USA, Korea, Japan, China and Saudi-Arabia.

In Germany for example, since the beginning of the application process in 2020, 169 licenses were assigned for local 5G usage. Companies from the automotive industry but also educational facilities have been among the first applicants to receive a 5G license and can therefore already report of a successful implementation.

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We as LS telcom have also applied and received a campus license for tests and research at our headquarter in Germany

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