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USERgroup 2023

Let us build our future together and shape the LS telcom product family in the direction our users want and need it to go. Take this opportunity to learn more about our products, maintenance concepts and future developments, and learn useful product tips and tricks to help you in your daily work.

In addition, you can participate in the discussions with other USERgroup members and learn from each other during our question-and-answer sessions. Do not miss the opportunity to present and share your ideas for new product features during the virtual USERgroup sessions.

After three years of being held virtually, we are delighted to welcome you to our 27th USERgroup back in our Headquarters in Lichtenau, Germany!

Agenda 27th USERgroup

Agenda Day 1

27th USERgroup I 26 June I Lichtenau/Baden, Germany

We are delighted to welcome you to our 27th USERgroup back in our Headquarters in Lichtenau, Germany!

Internet and Intranet based License and Application Processing with SPECTRAplus, SPECTRAweb and mySPECTRA

In line with the diversification and commercialization of radio technologies there has been a constant increase in demand for frequency spectrum and its commercial value. The arrival of 5G is another leap towards a greater variety of wireless applications, more connected objects, and new spectrum users, such as from vertical markets and the Internet of Things (IoT).

National regulatory authorities and network operators are under increasing pressure to make sure the radio spectrum is used efficiently. Automated systems have to deal with an increasing number of incoming applications and the associated data volumes.

LS telcom has been in business since the very beginning of automated spectrum management and has grown with the market. We combine sound knowledge and expertise in the spectrum management profession with the most advanced software and information technology available.

Frequency Assignment, Clearance and Coordination for Regulators with SPECTRAemc

The technical spectrum engineering solution SPECTRAemc is a powerful tool that assures efficient usage of the scarce and valuable radio spectrum. Based on a comprehensive library of wave propagation models for the entire frequency range, it supports all relevant tasks from coverage prediction, interference assessment, channel assignment to national and international coordination processes. 

SPECTRAemc is practice proven and in operation in various countries worldwide. Different customer groups from different markets rely on the performance and accuracy of the most advanced spectrum engineering solution on the market.

Integrated Monitoring Solutions with LS OBSERVER and MONITORplus

The LS OBSERVER system offers a comprehensive portfolio of remote monitoring units (RMUs) which are controlled by the powerful central monitoring software (CMS). It is made for continuous monitoring of the entire RF spectrum of interest with a distributed sensor network or for standalone in-field measurements.

Broadcast Planning & Coordination with CHIRplus_BC

Regulators and operators on all continents use our software CHIRplus_BC to plan and coordinate their broadcast networks. They plan networks of all technologies – analogue and digital – from single transmitters to local, regional, and national networks. We also have broadcast experts dedicated to participating in national and international study groups to ensure that latest standards and regulations are integrated into CHIRplus_BC without delay.

We sold the first version of CHIRplus_BC in 1993. Since then, our CHIRplus_BC development team regularly takes into account the feedback and user experience of our numerous customers. Users of CHIRplus_BC unite annually since 1995 in our USERgroup to provide their experience with the software and to make recommendations for its future evolution.

Fixed Services & Net Planning with CHIRplus_TC

Radio networks are a strategic asset to wireless service providers, utility service providers, industry or public safety and security communications (PPDR) which determine overall operational performance and profitability. Professional design and planning of these networks is therefore fundamental. Our network planning tool CHIRplus_TC provides comprehensive RF engineering capabilities to design and plan high performance networks. A highly intuitive graphical user interface ensures efficient and effective tool handling.

Agenda Day 2

27th USERgroup | 27 June | Lichtenau/Baden, Germany

The Group sessions consist of five parallel streams: 

Group Session 1:

Group Session 3: 

Group Session 5: 

Group Session 2: 

Group Session 4: 

After the presentations, there will be Q&A sessions on the presentations and the roadmap. Afterwards, there will be the opportunity for user contributions, the presentation of use cases and best practices.

After the lunch break, the groups will hold feedback sessions, looking to answer any questions from the users and moving into an open discussion. 

Once all the questions are resolved and the discussions come to an end, we will move on to a summary and conclusion of the group sessions. 

After a short coffee break, each group will present their results in the second plenary session.

The second day and the USERgroup conference come to an end. With final remarks and farewell wishes, we eagerly look forward to seeing you Wednesday for the Spectrum Summit.

Spectrum Summit

27th Spectrum Summit | 28 June | Lichtenau/Baden, Germany

Don't miss your chance to take part in the 27th Spectrum Summit

Radio Spectrum: Accelerating Digital Transformation

Maintenance Training

27th USERgroup | 29 June | Lichtenau/Baden, Germany

More details coming soon

More details coming soon

More details coming soon

More details coming soon

Are you ready to hop on the wave of the future with us?

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the USERgroup 2023 - back in Lichtenau!