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Coronavirus COVID-19

We are at your disposal

The emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic not only dominates the news, but also every aspect of our private and business lives in an unprecedented way. At the same time, all countries in the world are being forced to face the greatest challenge of recent times.
In these extraordinary times, which are presenting extraordinary challenges for us all, we would like to inform you personally about our handling of the current situation.
Our top priority is the health, well-being and integrity of our customers, partners, colleagues and employees around the world. We are constantly monitoring and evaluating the situation, deriving appropriate actions from it and we, like you all, are following our government's guidelines.

  • LS telcom continues to supply its customers with software and hardware products as planned. Cloud and hosting services are fully functional. Our Professional Consulting, Planning and Engineering Services, as well as Sales and Marketing are still available and our development teams remain focused on driving new technological innovations.
  • LS telcom is helping to limit the spread of virus transmission by greatly limiting business travel, encouraging employees to report any risks they may have been exposed to in their personal lives, and providing intelligent work opportunities such as working from home, always under the most secure IT communication conditions.
    Proactive communication is important to us in order to deal responsibly with the current situation.

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Business Continuity

LS telcom has established a comprehensive business continuity plan as well as an active crisis management that focuses on preparation, resilience and recovery in response to events that may have a negative impact on our employees, customers and global business operations.
Our risk management strategy implements protective measures and procedures to ensure the continuation of business, to mitigate threats and maintain essential business processes, communications and support with minimal disruption to customer service. In light of the current crisis, we are following these procedures with great care.
We do not expect our business processes to be interrupted, but we must point out that there may be slight delays in the coming weeks.


You can be certain that if we are supporting you on a project we will continue to do so, as we are fortunate to be able to accommodate remote working. We will work as flexibly as we possibly can to meet your deadlines, and will ensure meetings can go ahead using web or video conferencing software that works for you.

Sales, Support & Professional Services

The entire team is still able to offer its highly qualified expertise and support from a distance, regardless of whether the employees work from home or at the company headquarters. The team members are equipped with softphones and your contacts can be reached on the phone numbers or by e-mail at the addresses you have.
Because the health and well-being of all employees, in your and our company, and society in general, is a top priority, we will use web meetings and remote desktop connections to provide services on demand. On-site support will be limited to exceptional cases.

We sincerely hope that the spread of COVID-19 will soon come to an end and that people around the world will be able to resume their safe and normal lives as soon as possible. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us or your respective sales representative for further explanations and updates.

We hope that all your employees, colleagues, and families stay safe and healthy during this time.